Seagull Fish Entertainment is an LGBT owned and operated indie mobile game company, focused on creating hand illustrated, artistic, expansive mobile gaming experiences. Seagull fish games take the simple game play mechanics of mobile games and combine them with the in-depth storylines, dynamic characters, and complex mythology you would typically find in a console game.

Seagull Fish Entertainment believes that the future of art is interactive. We are creating that future one pixel at a time.



All our graphics are hand-drawn in unique art styles to create a visual experience like no other. Our goal is to legitimize the mobile game platform as an artistic genre & create a new medium.


We're so indie, our company only consists of two people. A seagull, & a fish. This ensures that we can create whatever games we want, and create an ad-free experience without selling out to the man!


At Seagull Fish all our games are expansive. This means we are constantly updating them with new content, chosen by our audience, which is YOU. That means you will never be bored, and we will never be unemployed.


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Enter the Reveries is a new groundbreaking side-scrolling mobile game that is hand-illustrated in eight distinct art styles by one artist. It is both a modern mobile gaming experience, and a totally cutesy way to pass the time. An innovative blend of art and technology. A breath of fresh air.

Guide eight characters (clumsies), through 24 gorgeous stages, customize your clumsies with 32 ravishing Reveries, and use ancient Relics for a boost along the way. Accomplish all of that, and you will unlock over 100 collectible clowncards, which reveal all the secrets and mythology of Clowntown; because in Clowntown nothing is what it seems.




The Seagull Fish team is really just two people. A seagull, and a fish.

Best friends Jason Moriarty and Gary Adrian Randall founded Seagull Fish Entertainment in 2014, with the goal of making beautiful art accessible to millions via mobile devices.





Every artist dreams of making money with their art. At some point though, I think most artists give up on that dream. Is it even possible for an artist to make money while they are still alive? I asked myself that question when I turned 30.

Then I realized that everyone has a mobile phone. If I illustrated a mobile game, I could share my art worldwide with the tap of a button.

Since I was a child, I always knew I wanted to tell stories. When I started drawing, I realized I could illustrate those stories in a different way. When I started this company with my best friend, it was so I could share those visual stories with the world.

This company was founded upon the fusion of art and technology. And it is my belief that the future of art is interactive.

And in the future, I plan to extend that same exposure and opportunity to other artists.


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Technology, gaming, and art have always intrigued me, but I feel these things shouldn't need to live apart from one another.

Technology doesn't need to be cold and unfeeling - it should fuse seamlessly with art and gaming to create something warm and beautiful.


The desire to fuse the things that matter most to me, and to share this new creation with world is what helped lead to the founding of Seagull Fish.



Jason Moriarty Seagull Fish Entertainment


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