Every expansive gaming experience needs a compelling story. One that enchants you with its narrative, and sucks you the f#ck in.


Compelling stories aren't linear- they have layers and depth. They explore every character, every backstory, & every pixel of information, because in life, as in our games, nothing is created by accident.

Stunning graphics are also pretty damn important! Our games are hand-drawn in different art styles by digital artist Gary Adrian Randall create an experience that no computer could replicate. Except, maybe like a robot computer or whatever.


We don’t just create mobile games, we create interactive artistic experiences AKA, the future of art. We're going to change the way the world views mobile games and 'level up' the idea of a video game, transforming it into high art.


LOL get it? High Art?

Seagull Fish Entertainment is LGBT owned and operated, and believes in equality for all. #America 


Gary Adrian Randall Seagull Fish Entertainment




I've always been a creator, from spending countless hours as a kid reading comic books and drawing superheroes f#cking each other, to my infamous, nightly, 3-hour brainstorming baths (wrinkled fingers, amongst other things). I've been a writer, photographer, painter, construction worker, web designer, and now video game creator, and it has all been for the sake of art. I believe video games are the future of art, and that art should be experienced, and shared widely, and played with mercilessly. So go ahead. Play with my art. I dare you. At the very least, take a long, lingering look. What you see might surprise you. But I'm hoping it blows your tits off.

- Gary

Jason Moriarty Seagull Fish Entertainment




After nearly a decade spent in the world of advertising managing digital creative projects I decided it was time apply my know-how to Seagull Fish Entertainment. I am a self-professed video game nerd with an eye for detail, which makes me the perfect logistics man. I also have a knack for keeping creative people inspired. You know, it’s also rumored that I once solved a Rubik’s Cube in 15 seconds while hanging upside down with one arm tied behind my back. But, that’s a story for another time.
- Jason


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