Thank you for taking the time to consider this opportunity! We believe the mobile game industry provides the exposure and revenue potential to create a new niche industry for artistic mobile games. With your help, we intend to dominate that industry.
Because we always strive to do things differently, we created this web page for you. We feel that the best way for you to experience our art is to interact with it. Please take the time to review this page, and if you need any more information don't hesitate to reach out!
- Gary and Jason



Hand-illustrated entirely by a single artist over a five-year period, Enter the Reveries is a new genre of mobile game; one based solely in interactive art, like a living, breathing painting.


Each level features its own distinctive art style, such as photography, pixel graphics, paper doll art, textures, vector graphics, comic book art, watercolor and pencil.


Combined with a dynamic storyline that you experience through cinematic film clips and 120+ collectible clowncards, the visual novel-style narrative gets deeper with every secret you unlock.


The end result is that Enter the Reveries is more than just a mobile game. It is a journey into a rich, original fantasy world, explored through different genres of art.

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Seagull Fish Entertainment is an LGBT owned and operated indie mobile game company, focused on creating hand illustrated, artistic, expansive mobile gaming experiences. The company consists of two best friends; Gary (the seagull) who is in charge of all things creative, and Jason (the fish) who handles the business side of things.


Seagull Fish games take the simple game play mechanics of mobile games and combine them with the in-depth storylines, dynamic characters, and complex mythology you would typically find in a console game.

Seagull Fish Entertainment believes that the future of art is interactive. We are creating that future one pixel at a time.


  • Groundbreaking Aesthetics: First mobile game to feature 8 distinct art styles

  • Innovative Gameplay: A combination of the simple one-touch mechanic of mobile games, combined with the rich mythology of console games

  • Independent Creation: Created entirely by a single artist, in a company of two people

  • Social Awareness: The first mobile game to feature an artistic anti-war protest

  • Narrative Incentives: Features an entire graphic novel accessible through 120+ Clowncards. The first mobile game to use this kind of narrative incentive



Concept Art

First Draft

Final Illustration

LEVEL DESIGN: Reverie Road

First Draft

Final Version

LEVEL DESIGN: Shatter Street

First Draft

Final Version



Like a lavish manga movie with glorious worlds, great characters and challenging gameplay.

Rich and colorful animations that culminate in a close hallucinogenic visual experience.

A Mobile Game Where gay Aesthetics Shine.



The mobile gaming industry accounts for 50% of the global games market


Total app revenue attributed to gaming


2.9 Billion people expected to play mobile games in 2019


Mobile gaming market will be worth $174 Billion by 2021


10% of mobile gamers account for 90% of mobile gaming revenue


Average American consumer spends $87 per year on in-app purchases



Average Cost Per Install to acquire

a new mobile gamer


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Facebook advertising accounts for 72% of Enter the Reveries downloads



Seagull Fish Entertainment is valued at

$1.5 Million


We are seeking a

$50,000 investment


We are offering 3.33% shares

of equity


Short Term

  • Implement retention strategy to increase user engagement.

    • Make the game easier and more user friendly so that users play longer and spend more money.

Previous in-app currency screen

Retention Update

  • Modify the way we approach monetization to trigger user spend at more relevant moments such as when the player dies, or if the player is having trouble at a specific point in the game.

Previous game-over screen

Retention Update

Retention 'tip' screen

  • Continue utilizing Keyword Marketing strategist to identify relevant keywords that will make our app more visible on the App Store, which leads to more taps and more downloads.

Keyword metrics

  • Launch for Android, Steam, Apple TV, and Nintendo Switch.

  • Release last 4 districts.

Why Keywords matter:

Our marketing team recently updated the keywords for our app. Keywords are the search terms that potential customers use to find our game within the app store. Just ONE round of keyword updates lead to about 160 additional people being able to find our app in just TWO days. This translated to about 40 additional downloads.

Keyword metrics graph

Long Term

  • Begin phased approach to release future games.

  • Launch server-based store to aggregate purchases across all platforms and games.

  • Source out new artists to create new levels and DLCs (downloadable content).

  • Launch community-based 'voting system' funding strategy on the "Seagull Fish Website".

  • Release new districts, characters, gameplay mechanics and power ups, (including exclusives). available for purchase through our server (this will negate the 30% fee charged by platforms).

  • Relaunch as a crowd sourcing site for indie interactive art projects globally.

  • Use new SGF crowd-funding site to source out new industry talent, invest in successful projects, and create a new industry for artistic gaming experiences, globally.



6-minute video of Stage One: Pillow Place, including an animated cinematic featurette.


For considering this opportunity.
If you need anything else please don't hesitate to reach out!
Yours truly,
Gary and Jason

 2019 by Seagull Fish Entertainment LLC.